Carbon Monoxide & Gas Detection-Shut off system

that saves lives!

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Product Info

The Flowtech Safety Systems® is a unique, superior Gas and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection safety system.  It is the only system on the market with a Gas Detection Sensor and Gas Shut-off Valve.  Our system detects Natural Gas, Propane (LPG) and CO gas leaks and automatically shuts off the source of the danger while alerting you of an emergency.  Flowtech works with independent Gas, Oil and HVAC installation companies to install our system in commercial and residential premises.  The Flowtech Safety Systems helps to ensure gas leaks and CO dangers are mitigated before they harm life or property, reducing CO poisoning and or a gas explosion from an internal gas leak.


Our sensor far exceeds the UL 2034 Standard...

...that allows up to 70 PPM to build up for a month before it alerts you. For healthy adults CO poisoning becomes toxic when it reaches 35 PPM, causing headaches and dizziness. Flowtech sensors alert you when the CO level reaches 30 PPM after 2 hours, making Flowtech a superior system!

This is the heart of the Flowtech System, our award winning, patented, Peerless® shut-off ball valve.

In comparing the charts below, it is clear that our system

far exceeds all the UL standards for Carbon Monoxide.

The UL standard 2034

30 PPM present

Alarm will sound after CO
has build-up for more than 30 days

(Ignores dangerous low-level concentration of CO for a
long-term period.)


The European Standard - EN50291

30 PPM present

A​​larm activates after
120 minutes.

50 PPM present

Alarm will sound within
60 - 90 minutes.

70 PPM present

Alarm will sound within
1 - 4 hours

(Ignores high levels of CO for
at least 1 hour before alarm
will sound.)

100 PPM present

Alarm will sound within
10 - 40 minutes


150 PPM present

Alarm will sound within
10 - 50 minutes.

300 PPM present

Alarm will sound within
3 minutes

400 PPM present

Alarm will sound within
4 - 15 minutes.

In addition to our Carbon Monoxide detection capabilities, our system can also detect and shut-off dangerous levels of gas and/or LPG. There is no other Gas Safety Systems that exist on the market today, making the Flowtech Safety Systems a better and safer Gas Installation System!

Flowtech Safety System Specifications

Control Panel

Range of 200 Meters

Operates up to 40 Detectors

Motorized Ball Valve

Closing Time  5 - 10 Seconds

Operating Torque  30 - 60 Kg/cm

Carbon Monoxide Detector EN 50291

Gas/LPG Detector EN 50194

Explosive Range

Flowtech Alarms at 1%

LPG 2.1 - 9.6%

1000 - 10000 PPM

Gas 5 - 15%

1000 -  5000 PPM


50 PPM

100 PPM

300 PPM

400 PPM

Shut Off Time

60 - 90 Minutes

10 - 40 Minutes

3 Minutes


Understanding the Danger


For healthy adults CO becomes toxic when it reaches a level higher than 35 PPM (Parts Per Million) with continuous exposure over an eight hour period. When the level of CO becomes higher than that a person will suffer from symptoms of exposure.


OSHA guidelines state that the maximum exposure over an eight hour time period is 35 PPM


Mild Exposure: 2-3 hours @ 35 PPM — 200 PPM will produce flu-like symptoms such as headaches, sore eyes and a runny nose.


Medium Exposure: 1 hour @ 200 PPM — 800ppm will produce dizziness, drowsiness and vomiting. This level of exposure is deemed to be life threatening once three hours has passed.


Extreme Exposure:  In a few minutes @ 800 PPM and higher will result in unconsciousness, brain damage and death.


NOTE: As point of reference, the CO produced by a car, in a closed garage, is approximately 300 PPM.