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About Us

Our Company

Daniel Sheridan, President & CEO, Battalion Chief with 28 years experience in the FDNY. Also a member of the FDNY Incident Management Team.  A proud graduate from Saint Francis College with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Dan also lectures and teaches firefighting around the world.


After responding to thousands of gas leaks and carbon monoxide emergencies in his 28 year career, Dan, founded the Flowtech Safety Systems®, a wireless system that would cut-off dangerous gas leak before it reaches dangerous levels.


In March of 2014, Flowtech Safety Systems® teamed up with The Peerless Group®, the parent company of Flowtech Controls®. They formed an agreement to bring this much needed safety system to the USA.



Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives caused by these dangerous leaks. Flowtech Safety Systems goal is to ensure LPG (propane), natural gas (methane) and carbon monoxide (CO) leaks are mitigated before they harm life or property. Giving peace of mind to all building owners and residents.




Flowtech is dedicated to

reducing injuries and death caused by dangerous

CO & Gas leaks.

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